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The child winced in pain; he did not fathom why he was put through this hell. Lashing after lashing with his father's cane, why didn't his daddy wish him well?

He tried to be the perfect son, but nothing is quite perfect, fighting an invisible battle with a wrongly titled defect.
He cried at night with terror, for fear of having his head smashed into the wall.
His father proclaimed his error "You're not my son at all!"

The boy felt anxious it was his first day of High-School, "You won't fit in." Came his father's shout. In this day and age it simply wasn't cool to come out.
He spent his hours hoping, begging for a change. He was barely coping as it was, it's not his fault he was strange.

Time did not fly by, not once in this poor boys life. Each day a little of him would die, all because society deemed he should have a wife.
He had most of his life in fear, dreading to reveal the truth. He had shed so many tears ever since his youth.

His father had passed away; he could be joyful at last. He could finally be openly gay and forget his painful past.

Does anyone deserve to be treated this way? Our lives are our lives whether you're partial to wives or if you're gay.
Marriage is for all, Gay, Straight or Bi. So if you stand tall, you will no longer have to wait.
I had to write an opinion piece in English on Gay marriage, this is what I came out with.
JaCqUe-KH-LoVeR Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
strong piece, interesting and sympathetic and i like how you've placed the poem in a boys perspective :) except some of the ryhming words that should ryhme dont ryhme, if that made sense ^^; but overall i like.. and not just coz its you ;p
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